About Us - The Magic Behind Smoking Wizard BBQ

Welcome to the flavorful world of Smoking Wizard BBQ, where culinary magic and BBQ craftsmanship come alive. Dive into our story, and discover the passion and precision that goes into every bottle and bag of our award-winning products.

History of the Wizard Glaze

The Breakthrough Moment
It all began on a fateful weekend—March 14, 2016, to be precise. William (Wild Bill) Powell extended an invitation for our team, Smoking Wizard BBQ, to participate in a cooking competition hosted by the Police Officers Association in Santa Fe, Texas. We had always approached BBQ with enthusiasm, but our ribs had room for improvement. That was the moment of transformation that compelled us to redefine our BBQ craftsmanship.

Armed with a variety of glazes in Vince Colonnetta's cook trailer, inspiration ignited. Vince combined two different glazes, coated his ribs, and submitted them to the judges. The result? A 1st place Rib victory! As the cook-off came to a close and our team remained elated, Vince hurriedly jotted down the unique blend he had handcrafted. This pivotal moment marked the inception of what would soon evolve into a BBQ phenomenon—originally known as "Texas Wizard Glaze."

The Evolution
Fast forward to June 2020, when Vince decided it was time for a calculated reset. Vince reorganized, strategized, and collaborated with a marketing company to rebrand. In homage to his dedicated cook team, Vince Colonetta renamed 'Texas Wizard' to 'Smoking Wizard.' Most importantly, the original glaze formula that won hearts and competitions as 'Texas Wizard Glaze' remains exactly the same as the 'Smoking Wizard Original Glaze.' The recipe is untouched, ensuring that it continues to delight palates and dominate competitions just as it always has.

Today's Magic
Since our rebranding, we’ve expanded our alchemy of flavors and offerings. Today, Smoking Wizard BBQ not only specializes in a wide variety of glazes, rubs, and brine/injections but also produces custom sauces and rubs for cook teams across the nation.

Whether you're a competition pitmaster or a backyard BBQ aficionado, Smoking Wizard BBQ equips you with the tools to conquer any culinary challenge. So join us on this delectable journey, and let's make every bite a winning one!



Throwback to the ribs that started it all 🏆! Once known as Texas Wizard, these award-winning ribs paved the way for what you now know and love as Smoking Wizard. Taste the magic that transformed us from contenders to champions.

Unlock the Legacy: The Smoking Wizard Saga

Embark on a journey through time with Smoking Wizard BBQ. From our first award-winning rib glaze, known then as Texas Wizard, to the diverse range of handcrafted products we offer today, we've been elevating BBQ to an art form.  

Why the History Matters?

🌟 Proven Pedigree: The evolution of our brand speaks to our relentless pursuit of perfection.
🍴 Culinary Innovation: Our story is a testament to constant culinary innovation.
🌐 Growing Community: Be part of a passionate BBQ community that has stood by us from day one.

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Newly Released for Purchase

Introducing the newest sensation in BBQ: Smoking Wizard Original - Smoked! Dive deep into the rich world of hickory with our handcrafted glaze, taking our original recipe and infusing it with an authentic layer of Hickory flavor. It's not just a glaze, it's an experience. Elevate your BBQ game and indulge in the amazingness today. Note: This flavor-packed gem is now available for purchase!

Coming in 2023 - No. 7

🔥 BIG NEWS BBQ Lovers! 🔥 Our highly-anticipated, limited edition glaze - No. 7, is coming soon EXCLUSIVELY to our website. A game-changer in the BBQ realm, No. 7 combines the power of THREE of our top glazes into ONE. Get that competition-ready shine without the hassle of mixing and matching. Aim for the top and let your BBQ do the walking with No. 7. Stay tuned to elevate your BBQ game!