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Crafted for champions, our collection is trusted by competition pitmasters and home cooking enthusiasts alike. From glazes that glisten to rubs that resonate, our products are engineered to win both hearts and awards. Explore our award-winning range and transform your ordinary grilling into an extraordinary culinary experience. Whether it's for the competition stage or the family dinner table, Smoking Wizard has the perfect solution to elevate your BBQ game. Shop now and taste the victory in every bite!

All Glazes

Our competition glazes are hand made in Texas and are used by competition cooks and backyard warriors to kick up the flavors for judges, family, and friends.

All Rubs

Hand-crafted BBQ rubs and spices that have been specially created to take your BBQ game to the next level.


Our brine/injection is the perfect solution for creating the juiciest and most flavorful chicken possible. Also known as "Chicken Magic"

Crafted with precision, perfection, and the highest quality ingredients in every bottle!

Made with the finest ingredients, our products are designed to help you stand out in competitions and impress your family and friends with delicious, mouth-watering BBQ.

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Discover the magic behind every bottle of Smoking Wizard BBQ. Whether you're grilling for the family or competing on the big stage, our handcrafted glazes, rubs, and brines are designed to give your meats an unparalleled flavor boost.

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    🍖 Expertly Crafted: Made by BBQ enthusiasts, for BBQ enthusiasts.
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Newly Released for Purchase

Introducing the newest sensation in BBQ: Smoking Wizard Original - Smoked! Dive deep into the rich world of hickory with our handcrafted glaze, taking our original recipe and infusing it with an authentic layer of Hickory flavor. It's not just a glaze, it's an experience. Elevate your BBQ game and indulge in the amazingness today. Note: This flavor-packed gem is now available for purchase!

Coming in 2023 - No. 7

🔥 BIG NEWS BBQ Lovers! 🔥 Our highly-anticipated, limited edition glaze - No. 7, is coming soon EXCLUSIVELY to our website. A game-changer in the BBQ realm, No. 7 combines the power of THREE of our top glazes into ONE. Get that competition-ready shine without the hassle of mixing and matching. Aim for the top and let your BBQ do the walking with No. 7. Stay tuned to elevate your BBQ game!