Chicken Magic Instructions

Author Smoking Wizard / Category New Glaze / Published: May-30-2023

Hello BBQ enthusiasts!

Our signature brine is the perfect way to infuse your poultry with extra flavor and moisture. Our brine is made using a blend of spices, salt, and sugar and is designed specifically for chicken, but is versatile enough to use on pork and even seafood.

Suggested Use: Dissolve One (1) Cup of Powder to 64 oz. of Liquid (Broth or Water).

Suggested Bine Times: For whole or half chickens, we suggest a 12-hour brine. For chicken pieces (quarters, breasts, thighs), we recommend a 4-hour brine.

*For an added boost of flavor, you can inject the brine into the chicken and use as an injection.  


Author Smoking Wizard / Category Chicken Magic / Published: Aug-13-2023