Unlocking Hidden Layers

Posted by Smoking Wizard on Aug 13th 2023

Unlocking Hidden Layers: The Magic of Smoking Wizard's Orange Chipotle Under the Skin

Author Smoking Wizard / Category Glazes / Published: Aug-13-2023

Hello BBQ enthusiasts!

Have you ever sunk your teeth into a piece of grilled meat, only to be taken on a surprise flavor journey? At Smoking Wizard BBQ, we're all about creating those "wow" moments. Today, we're revealing a game-changing trick that promises to elevate your culinary creations: slipping our Orange Chipotle glaze under the skin. Yes, you read that right!


Why Under the Skin?

Slathering sauces and glazes on the surface of your meats is standard practice. But by tucking it beneath the skin, you’re ensuring that the flavors are locked in, deeply permeating the meat. As the fat renders during cooking, it marries with the glaze, distributing that rich Orange Chipotle flavor throughout every bite.


The Magic of Orange Chipotle

Our Orange Chipotle is not just any glaze. It’s a carefully concocted blend that harmoniously marries the zesty brightness of oranges with the smoky heat of chipotle. It's a burst of citrusy sunshine met with a smoky embrace. And when this flavor duo seeps deep into the meat fibers, the outcome is nothing short of a gastronomic spectacle.


How to Perfect the Technique

  1. Gently Loosen the Skin: Using your fingers or the back of a spoon, gently create a pocket between the meat and skin, taking care not to tear it.
  2. Apply the Glaze: Using a brush or spoon, generously spread the Orange Chipotle glaze under the skin.
  3. Massage it In: For a uniform flavor infusion, gently massage the glaze to evenly distribute it.
  4. Smoke, Grill, or Roast: Cook your meat as usual. As the glaze heats up, it'll meld with the meat juices, ensuring a flavorful result.


Get Ready for the Flavor Fiesta

Imagine biting into a piece of chicken where the skin crisps up beautifully, and beneath it, there's an explosion of smoky, citrusy brilliance. It's an experience, a hidden layer of flavor that promises to surprise and delight your guests.


In the realm of BBQ, it's often these little tweaks that take a dish from good to unforgettable. So, next time you fire up your grill or preheat your oven, remember this secret tip and let your guests discover the magic hidden just beneath the surface.


Happy grilling, and as always, let flavor be your guiding star!

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